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  • Larry Bender

Will Your God Accept Me?

Bhavani 12, lay bedridden, unable to open her eyes. Her motionless body looked dead. But her father, Prakash, couldn’t – wouldn’t-help her. When he should have been there for his daughter the most, Prakash kept leaving home to gamble and buy alcohol.


Before she got sick, Bhavani got sick with a cough, fever and abdominal pain, her mother went to Pastor Timothy to come and pray for her daughter. He and his wife went to Bhavani house. But Prakash wouldn’t allow them to pray. He told them he believed only in his forefather’s spirits. Pastor Timothy and his wife left the house. Asking Prakash to at least take Bhavani to a hospital for medical treatment.

After they left Prakash turned to his wife and unleashed a fury of blows on her, angry she had asked Pastor Timothy to pray. Instead of taking Bhavani to the hospital, he gambled again. A month passed, and Bhavani health declined to the point at which she couldn’t move or open her eyes. She lay in bed like a dead person.


Desperate for her daughter to live, Prakash wife returned to Pastor Timothy house while her husband was away and asked Pastor Timothy to come and pray. Pastor Timothy immediately went with his wife to her house, prayed for Bhavani, and encouraged Prakash wife. Saying Jesus could heal her daughter.

The next day Pastor Timothy and his wife returned to pray, but they found Prakash at home. Surprisingly, instead of kicking them out, he let them pray for Bhavani. Although he had previously refused their prayers and ignored their advice, he has seen how Bhavani health improved following their visit. Then after a few months more days, Bhavani could open her eyes and no longer had a fever! Pastor Timothy and his wife came to pray four more times, and gradually, the girl completely recovered.

Witnessing this miracle, Prakash realized there was something special about the God who healed his daughter. This Jesus was real. Changed by this knowledge, Prakash stopped gambling and drinking. He started to act as a caring husband and father.


Soon, Bhavani healed, Prakash filled with tears in his eyes, asked Pastor Timothy, “WILL YOUR GOD ACCEPT ME?”

We have been waiting for this one word for so long, and when it comes from his mouth, we shared the Good News that Jesus died for all peoples, and they prayed with Prakash and Bhavani. Since that day, Prakash and his wife have been praying to Jesus, the God who healed their daughter. Bhavani is back to normal life and where she continues to thrive along with others and experiences Christ’s love through carrying Deepam and Grace Project Pastors.

Prayer Request:

Kindly pray for the Prakash family's salvation.

Kindly pray for Pastor Timothy's family and his son. His son needed medical assistance, it cost $1500

Kindly Pray for all four pastors and their families.

Kindly pray for the upcoming baptism program

Kindly pray for the upcoming program (Christmas in India) to give out gifts to the kids.

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