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  • Larry Bender

Seetha's Story

Fifty-seven-year-old Seetha walked to the forest near her home to collect firewood. In their very remote village, they had no electricity, transportation, or communication, and schools were very far away. For the most part, Seetha goes into the field and collects whatever the earth produces to eat. For her, this was just like every other day in her life.

Suddenly, pain shot through her foot. Seetha looked down to see a big thorn had pierced the right side of her foot. What was she supposed to do now? After all, she still had to gather firewood, but she was in too much pain to carry on. Seetha decided to return home, but it hurt to walk. Imagine the fifty-seven-year-old woman, wincing, fighting back tears, slowly making her way back home, in pain with every step.

When Seetha finally arrived home, She was in so much pain that she could no longer walk. Worried for their oldest daughter, son, and husband. They took her to the hospital.

After several days of medical treatment, Seetha’s foot healed. Once again, she could walk and help her family.

But the pain-free days only lasted a short while before severe pain came flooding back into her right leg. Once again, Seetha went to the hospital. What was wrong with her wound had healed. Why had the pain returned?

After thorough testing, the doctors gave them grave news: Seetha had cancer. Shock fell upon the family. How could this happen to her? What were they going to do now?

With no real answers, they returned home with heavy hearts. They had no peace, knowing Seentha’s was suffering so much. They took her to other medical doctors and witch doctors, but nothing worked. Pain and sorrow overwhelmed Seetha’s family as everything they tried failed.

Instead, Seetha’s condition worsened. A sore developed on her right leg, grew larger, and spread up to her knee. Pus and blood oozed from the ulcer. Seetha couldn’t stop the pain from consuming her. Would she ever be able to walk?

Determined to not give up hope, Seetha’s once again took her to the hospital. Would they find answers this time? Could someone help her?

After several days of medical treatment, the doctors told them something didn’t want to hear: Seetha’s leg needed to be amputated. The news shattered their hope.

Did Seetha have any future? If they didn’t amputate, she had little chance of survival. If they did amputate, who knew if she would actually be cured? And, how would having only one leg permanently impact Seetha’s life, especially in a region with few resources for people with disabilities?

“I am no more going to live in this world,” she told her family, “because my condition has become worse than before.”

When her family members heard this, they broke down and cried bitterly.

A Glimmer of Hope

Then Senthil (Seetha’s Husband) encountered DEEPAM Ministry (Powered By Grace Project) Pastor Yesuraj. Maybe he saw Senthil was deeply distressed and discouraged—maybe he was simply being friendly. He offered Senthil some booklets about Jesus, the one true God who offered hope and encouraged him to read them.

Something about Pastor Yesuraj caused Senthil to tell him everything about his wife’s illness and their ensuing dilemma. She may have simply needed someone to talk to—someone who could give her direction and tell her what she should do. Or maybe she just knew that she could trust him. After all, he was one of them—one of the locals. It was easy to confide in him.

Pastor Yesuraj made a bold claim to Senthil: If he believed in Jesus, his wife would be healed because Jesus is the healer and peace-giver. The pastor yesuraj also invited Senthil to attend a worship service at his church.

The conversation with the pastor must have lingered in Senthil’s mind all day. Was it true? Could this Jesus really heal Seetha when everything else had failed?

True to his word, Senthil attended church the very next day and heard from the Word of God. He learned Jesus alone could give peace and joy, and he learned there was healing in His name. Senthil pondered all these things in his heart. When he returned home, he told his wife everything he had learned and asked him to attend church with her.

Christ Is Enough

Together, they went to the church to learn more about Jesus. Was it true that Jesus could heal his wife? They asked Pastor Yesuraj to come to their house and pray for Seetha’s healing, which he did.

Pastor Yesuraj began to visit the family regularly. Even if it took days or weeks, Pastor yesuraj was committed to persisting in prayer, and by God’s grace, Seetha recovered completely—to the amazement of her family. Unable to deny the power of Christ, who had restored Seetha to full health, the family accepted Christ as their Savior, who had blessed them with peace and joy in their hearts.

Seetha’s healing was made possible because God led Pastor Yesuraj to Seetha.

Kindly pray for Seetha and her family.

Pray for pastor Yesuraj and his family, continually God can lead him and do miracles through him.

Kindly pray for the upcoming VBS, the month of May - 2023.


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