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  • Larry Bender

Witchcraft Lady Attending Gospel Meeting

There was a lady who lived in a remote forest, she was known in the village as a witch who practiced black magic and was feared by the locals. People lived in fear and desperation, and many turned to witchcraft in an attempt to protect themselves.

However, witchcraft only made things worse, as the practitioners of dark magic became more powerful, and the evil spirits grew stronger. The village was in a state of turmoil, and it seemed as though there was no hope for escape.

Our Deepam Ministries Pastor (Powered by Grace Project) conducted gospel meetings in the forest region. And our Deepam ministries Pastors preached about the love and redemption offered by Jesus Christ.

She heard about Christian gospel meetings that were being held deep in the forest. Out of curiosity, she decided to attend one of these meetings. As she walked deeper into the forest, she felt nervous and unsure of what to expect.

When she arrived at the meeting, she was greeted by a group of friendly people who welcomed her with open arms. Our pastors spoke about the love and redemption offered by Jesus Christ, The message of love and redemption struck a chord with the people, and many began to attend the gospel meetings. and the lady was moved by the message. She realized that she had been living a life that was far from God's will and wanted to change.

As the people put their faith in Jesus, they experienced a transformation in their lives. The power of the evil spirits was broken, and the practitioners of dark magic were set free from their bondage. This story serves as a reminder of the power of the gospel to overcome even the darkest of forces and bring hope and salvation to those who believe. It also shows the importance of putting our faith in Jesus, who is able to bring freedom and peace to our lives, no matter what circumstances we face.

Kindly pray sooner she will come out fully from the darkness.

Kindly pray she will not return back to black magic

Kindly pray for her salvation there are many people who still practice the evil craft

Kindly pray for the village people to find peace and hope in Christ.

Kindly pray Deepam Ministries upcoming VBS Program, God can prepare every single child’s heart.


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