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  • Larry Bender

Cow Displace Poverty For Family Of Four

Renuka lives near Rajampet region, her parents from different tribes, as a tribe they won’t stay in one place. But finally, before her father died, they moved to the Rajampet region. As she grew up her father died due to sickness, and her mother is very elderly age. Renuka got married at a very young age, after two kids her husband left her, and till today none of them knows where he is.

Every day, Renuka labored in the fields, tilling, picking, watering, and coaxing the earth into producing vegetation to live on. Each day their hands toiled to fill the bellies of two children, mother with food.

Renuka explored every avenue available to her to increase her income to better provide for her family. But as each attempt fizzled out, Renuka’s frustration boiled over. She desperately wanted to provide a better life for her family and send her children to school, but failure stalked Renuka, and her family remained in poverty.

One day, Renuka met Deepam Ministries (Powered by Grace Project) Pastor Timothy, who shared the love of Christ and encouraged the struggling family to entrust their worries to Jesus. As Pastor Timothy spoke of Christ’s faithfulness and His wondrous works, the words of hope lifted her heavy hearts.

Hearing about the family’s struggles moved Pastor Timothy and shared Deepam Ministries. Renuka’s determination was admirable, and her desperation was heartbreaking. Wanting to help the family, Through Grace Project arranged for Renuka’s family to receive a BUFFALO. This kind of love stunned Renuka, whose poverty had only ever earned the scorn of others. Relieved to have help in her troubles, Renuka and other 3 members in the family gleefully walked home with Buffaloes.

Pastor Timothy continued to reach out to the family, who were eager to know more about Jesus, the God who cares for the poor and needy. The family began attending services at Pastor Timothy’s church and found hope in the messages shared and community with other believers.

“I am so thankful to Pastor Timothy, who came to our family as a blessing,” shared Renuka. “If we had not met him, we would not have known the love of God and the blessing of Christ.”

The family of four thrives under God’s peace and provision. Empowered to support his family, Renuka can now enjoy life with his children as well as the Gods kindness.

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk for drinking or selling, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. Your gift towards a water buffalo could greatly improve a family’s financial situation!

Thank you for the Grace Project and the donors. Made low caste people live in dignity.

Kindly pray for Renuka, her mother and children’s.

Pray for their safety, being a single mom in the forest region is not safe.

Pray for the kids, Renuka want to send their kids to school.

Pray for the buffalo (Provided by Grace Project) to be healthy, in 3 weeks’ time it will give a baby.


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