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Story of Sathyamma

What a great joyful and a blessed day today, Sathyamma is 62 years old, she is a widow and no children. But she adopted one orphan girl. She is living in one small house which is someone offered. Basically, that is the place they keep all the animals. But now they gave

for her as a shelter.

She comes from Hindu religions and Dalit background. When she was young her father died later mother also died. Because of father and mother died, all their relatives thought she crushed from God, if we keep her at home, we will also get crushed. For that reason, they sent her out of home.

While she was young and going through suffering finally, she got married, within a year her husband also met with an accident and died. Again, she become all alone without kids.

At one point her pain was very much, and she does not know what to do, she becomes mentally down and psychologically affected. Few years she does not know what to do… and she stays on the roadside with toured cloth, she eats what people through outside.

But one of the faithful Christian family saw many days, the way she lives, they voluntarily come and started to help her, gave her shower, given her new cloth, and took her to the hospitals for the treatment.

It takes many years for her to come back to normal life mode. As she is getting cured the same village, the couple took her to the church, the pastor also keeps praying for her and trying to provide the basic needs.

From there she moved to another village, where our Deepam project. She is living in one small broken wall shed house.

Though she is 60 years old, she will go to the farmer filed to cut the grass and rise paddy. Through that small amount, she is surviving a very very low life, when there is no work she has to be fast and just drink waters.

When I met her and I find out all her status, felt very badly, I make sure she eats all three meals, through Deepam she is getting three-time meals, she comes to Deepam place and she cleans all the machine and arrange the cloths and stitched bags. And if she have free time, she will go to farmer land and do the work.

We want to do justice for her, and we want to bless her, because she suffered a lot from her young age to till, she comes to Deepam. When we said to her, we are going to give a buffalo and that buffalo is belong to you and you no need to pay anything for us, She cried a loudly because in her life no one did and cared for her.

While we gave a buffalo all we said is, Jesus loved us and we want to love you, and there is one more man he lives 20,000 km far he want to bless you.

Kindly pray for her, through the buffalo she can sustain her life in a better way. And her tears become joy.


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