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  • Larry Bender

Sewing Machine and Widow’s Dignity

It was her fault. That’s what her in-laws said. They were so convinced; they threw her and their two grandsons out of the house. Laxmi moved to another village and started washing dishes and clothes as a servant. All the while, she carried the blame of her husband’s death and the entire weight of her family’s survival on her shoulders.

Widow Struggles to Provide

Laxmi had been married when her husband died from alcohol poisoning. Before she even had time to think about how her life and the lives of her two boys would be without a husband and a father, she found herself homeless, rejected and blamed. She didn’t know how she would care for her family.

Alone and heavy-burdened, she moved to another village to start a new life as a widowed mother. She found work as a house servant, washing dishes and clothes. Somehow, she managed to keep her family alive, but the struggle was constant day by day.

As the years passed, Laxmi sent her two little sons to work as laborers simply to keep the family afloat. Because of their grave poverty, her children could not continue in their schooling. Even though she and her sons worked hard, the income they earned still did not build up their financial needs. But help would come, unexpectedly, from one of her neighbors.

An Act of Kindness and New Life

Laxmi lived near where Deepam(lamp) ministries tailoring project. Deepam (Lamp) tailoring project has been running for a couple of years, Where many Dalit women and single mothers, women were harshed found Deepam (Lamp). Deepam(lamp) ministries had been ministering in her community for two years and hosted worship services in a few different locations. Because our Deepam ministry people lived near to Laxmi, where other Deepam ministry ladies go, and often spoke to her about the love of Christ.

Laxmi had always followed her traditional religion, but gradually, as Deepam lades continued to share with her, Laxmi began to understand the love of Christ. She attended prayer meetings held at Deepam tailoring Project place. She grew to know Jesus personally and chose to accept His free gift of love and acceptance.

Though she found new life in the Lord, Laxmi and her sons still struggled for daily survival on the meager earnings they labored for.

Deepam Ministries, well aware of Laxmi’s needs, placed her name as a recipient for a sewing machine gift distribution. It was through this distribution that Laxmi received another gift that would change her life: a sewing machine.

The gift was a perfect fit. Laxmi had previous tailoring experience, so she went right to work stitching clothes. Her income increased, enabling Laxmi to provide for her family and better manage their needs. Laxmi could even send her youngest son to school!

Laxmi experienced the love of Christ and His providing hand in a real and tangible way. A simple sewing machine brought her hope and helped show her how much the Lord values her. Her life is just one testimony of many who have received a gift from Deepam Ministries Powered by Grace Project.

Prayer Request:

Kindly pray for Laxmi and her two little boys’ safety and production

Please pray for Laxmi salvation


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