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Meet One of Our Missionaries

Meet one of our Missionaries in India!

My name is Jeya Paul (I also go by Timothy) I was born into a Hindu family of 5. I grew up very traditional, worshiping idols every year and attending festivals of fire.

Half way into my life, my family encountered evil spirits through the black magic people and one of them took hold of my sister. From then she was disturbed, trying to harm herself and made attempts at killing our family. She rolls on the floor like a snake. We took her to the government hospitals but they couldn't diagnose the problem.

After six long years, one morning we heard some singing in our village. We followed the sound and were greeted by happy faces. During conversation, they started sharing about a healer and redeemer who paid for us on the cross. At first we couldn’t understand what they were trying to communicate because it was the first time we heard the gospel.

After preaching, they started a prayer walk going house by house. When they came to my house, they started to pray for my sister. She began to roll on the floor, attempted to attack the people and shouted at them to leave. The pastor continued to pray over her and command her in the name of Jesus not to shout. She became silent and within a few minutes she fell asleep. The pastor finished praying and when she awoke we could immediately see something different in her eyes. She spoke of Jesus, who she had never heard about before.

My sister was completely healed and the group continued to visit us over the months and the rest of us started to accept Jesus. Among the group, one elderly person told me God called me to do His ministry. I didn’t have any idea of that for my life. But for a year they trained and taught me the gospel.

In the year 2012, I fully committed my life to Christ, moved my family to the mountains and we happily share the word of God. In the beginning, it was hard because no one accepted us, they even threatened us. But by the grace of God, the help of the Holy Spirit and prayer, the village started to accept us. Regularly 40 to 50 people come to church, villagers from all over the place.

Through Grace Project and Deepam we continue to construct the church. What a joy and blessing for us. - Timothy

What an incredible story! If you were touched in any way by this story, we’d love for you to pray about financially contributing to Grace Project so we can continue supporting missionaries like Timothy in India!


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