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  • Larry Bender

God Uses Sewing Machines to Redeem Loss, Illness, and Hopelessness

Anxiety chilled Swathi’s heart. About one year after cancer took her husband, Swathi noticed the same symptoms he had experienced severe headaches and blurred vision. Swathi already struggles to provide for herself and her two daughters. What would happen to her girls if she had brain cancer?


Swathi prayed fervently to her deities, but she knew there was no cure, she was too scared to go to the doctor, and she hid her pain from her daughters for a month. When she finally told them, her daughters were scared, but pina, the old daughter, had an idea. There was a chur

ch in the village. “people go for prayers there,” Pina said.

Desperate for healing, Swathi and her daughters visited the church. Deepam Ministries Pastor Timothy and his wife, warmly welcome the family. When Swathi shared her concerning health symptoms, the entire church prayed earnestly for God’s healing. Swathi trusted Jesus to heal her, and He didn’t disappoint. Swathi sensed her pain shrinking, after two months, the Lord had completely healed her!

With strengthened faith, Swathi and her daughters chose to follow Christ. Life, however, was still difficult. Swathi’s job at the stone braking factory provided for the family’s basic needs, but pina also went to the same stone mines in order to reduce their financial burden and take care of the home. Would they ever have a life beyond poverty?


One day, Pastor Timothy wife, who was an accomplished seamstress, offered to teach pina to sew. Motivated to seize the opportunity, pina diligently learned from Pastor Timothy wife each day. Her skills grew, and so did her chance to help her family financially!

One obstacle remained, however, pina didn’t own a sewing machine, and she couldn’t afford to buy one. Knowing the family’s challenges and the young woman’s diligence, Deepam ministries planned an event to help widows in the area, including Swathi. Swathi received their first sewing machine, Swathi’s face beamed as she brought the sewing machine home, knowing the potential this tool had to change her family’s situation.

Pina began to sew clothes for the family, reducing their expenses. As she grew in her skills, she planned to one day sew clothes for others, too, so she could earn income.

Now, as Swathi watches her daughter stitch away on the sewing machine, she knows it’s a gift from the same God who healed her and who wants to give her and her daughters hope and a future.

Kindly pray for Swathi and her daughters, safety, and productions

Kindly pray for they can fully give their life to Christ and take Baptism

Kindly pray for Pastor Timothy and his family, His son needs medicine, which is cost few hundred $.


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