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  • Larry Bender

God's Love Fills Teenager's Empty Heart

Megana lost her father due to lung cancer when she was just 9 years old. After his passing, Megana mother remarried and moved to another village, leaving Megana and her four siblings with their uncle, who is

a gambler and an alcoholic. There seemed to be no love in Megana’s life.


Under her uncle’s roof, Megana endured years of physical and verbal abuse, with no solace. The constant mistreatment fueled Megana’s growing loneliness and hopelessness. There seemed to be no one who could, not help. The neglect pain and loneliness sent Megana into a downward spiral. Many times, Megana hurt herself. Love and trust were foreign to the young girl, and there was nothing she could find to fill her empty heart.

When Megana was 17 years old, however she became friends with a girl her age names Priya. Megana noticed something different about Priya, wherever she was around. Priya, happiness flooded the troubled young women’s heart.

One day Megana stayed over at Priya’s home. That night Megana experienced something foreign to her own home life. As the family prepared for bed, they gathered for prayer. Priya’s father turned to Megana and asked if she had any prayer request.

While confusion may have been Megana’s first response. It didn’t take long for her to pour out her heart. She shared about the challenges and traumas that had robbed her life of joy, stability and loving relationships.


After Megana opened up about her life, Priya and her family prayed for the depressed young woman. Following their prayers, a change began to work in Megana’s heart. For the first time in a long time, Megana felt different – lighter and happier. The emptiness that had threatened to consume her life dissolved, little by little.

As the days passed, Megana learned more and more from Priya about the God who loved her, then one day a local church led by Deepam Project supported by Grace Project, Pastor Timothy held a youth camp, and Priya invited Megana to tag along. As Pastor Timothy shared from God’s word, realization struck Megana. The Lord loved her unconditionally.

The hollowness that had eaten away at her heart disappeared and was replaced with the love of God. Megana fell to her knees, crying out to the Lord. That day, she embraced Christ’s love into her heart, and healing and hope replaced her pain and loneliness. Megana had found the security that only Christ could bring. Eventually, she joined the pastor Timothy church, rejoicing with other believers in their shared love for God and actively participating in the youth fellowship.

Now I realize that God has always been there with me, Megana said, but I just did not (know) it before. If it were not for Him, I would probably not be alive today. One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Ephesians ^, which talks about the armor of God, though I struggle with severe spiritual battles since I became a Christian, I keep moving forward for my king Jesus Christ, holding His hands. Let His name be glorified through my faith, speech and action every single day!

Now Megana, her younger brother become a good follower of Christ. Through Grace Project and supports, our pastors can able to cross the mountains and spread the Gospel as well as catch the souls. Thank you for being partner with us to establish God’s Kingdom.

Pray for Megana and her brother, and the joy, peace dwell in their heart forever.

Pray for their house, if it is heavy wind, their roof will be fly off.

Pray for Monthly supports for the Pastors who shares love of Christ.

Pray for the upcoming Christmas programs.


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