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What is Grace Project?

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

This ministry, Grace Project, established in 2018, has a goal of bringing Dignity and Hope to the marginalized women in India and families in need of housing in Baja, Mexico. 

I have been traveling to Baja Mexico for better than 55 years.  For 20 years I’ve been involved with the Door of Faith Orphanage (DOFO) in La Mision Baja California.  It began as the bus driver taking teams to the DOFO for weekend short-term trips.  DOFO is a 501c3 organization formally recognized in the US. In addition to providing and managing a home for 100 +/- kids, they are viewed by many families in the La Mision area as a central source for daily needs to include food, clothing, and support.  They help with the logistics of building homes for the families living in the region.  Thru donations, weather-tight homes consisting of 2-3 bedrooms with bathroom and kitchen are constructed using local craftsmen.  Over the years my relationship with DOFO has grown and I am now serving on their Board of Directors. Hence Grace Project, desiring to raise funds to pass along to DOFO for the construction of a home.  It takes $9000 to construct a home and provide a family the basic need of a weatherproof shelter for their family.

The past 15 years I have been visiting India thru teams from my local church.  I have been aware of and worked with the US nonprofit Dalit Freedom Network (DFN).   DFN raises funds and awareness to build schools, provide health and hygiene training, bring Social Justice to the Dalit peoples and to empower Dalit women with a skill/trade to remove them from the bondage of sex trafficking and/or 12 hour days working in the fields. The average wage for these women is $1.50-$2.00 per day.  By providing them a skill, their daily wage has a multiple of 4-5x.  The skills and opportunities include seamstress/tailoring schools (6 months) with the providing of equipment upon graduation for their use in starting a business ($200/woman). Additionally, providing a milk producing Cow, ($500) allows them to not only provide milk for their children but to sell the additional milk along with the dung.  There are several more opportunities, as outlined on our Projects page providing economic freedom for the same relatively small investment of US dollars.


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