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Mrs. Rani says:

Through tailoring Deepam & GP’s project I am having hope is seeing light despite being surrounded by darkness.

My name is RANI, age 39, Hindu background.

I have been working with Deepam project last 8 months, I was eagerly looking forward to the opportunity in order to break the cast barriers through self-employments, I have never been to school in my life, due to the poor family background, even I was young no one able to give jobs, wherever I go for work they all rejected me, or they give too low payments, which is physically and mentally I get tired and stressed. And, most of the time instead of calling my name they call my cast (Dalit), they won't share even water with me.

I heard about Deepam project in my next village, before I meet Deepam project I never had hope, I thought this must be also the same, but when I went Deepam project and saw the ladies who all are getting the training I got really hope and felt joy, and also I felt I reached in right place, till today I am working and getting free training and I felt the value for each human being.

I am learning not only tailoring and along with personal development and spiritual developments. I have been completed the courses and I am one of the instructors for other ladies, the same time I been a good mother to my kids and providing their basic needs, more over through Deepam project I am able to send my children’s to school.

I want to bring my community people to Deepam projects to get training, therefore no one will suffer mentally or humiliated by others.

Thank you for Grace Project & Deepam.

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