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Meet Letty and her two boy's Kevin (13) and Erick (11) receiving the keys to her new home.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Letty is a single mother living in La Mision Baja. She has faced many hardships in her life. She works in the nursery at the Door of Faith Orphanage. DOFO is Grace Projects partnering Ministry for our house build projects. Her house was the first such project from GP. She had been living in a rented house with her two boys in town. It was very difficult for her to make ends meet. She had a daughter who died

The qualifications to receive a house build are you must own the lot and have the 20x30 cement slab in place. Letty has been praying for 4+ years for this Blessing to occur. She, at one point, left La Mision and went to the State of Michoacan to be with her family, hoping for a better life. That didn't work out so she moved back to La Mision.

She is thankful and filled with Hope that now she can provide for her two boys and not worry about where and how she is going to provide them a home. Thank you for your generosity and support of Grace Project, to allow for this type of Love to be shown. It costs $10,000 to build such a home.

Please continue to Pray for this Ministry.

If you are interested in contributing to this project click here to donate.

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