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Esther's Story

Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try.

- Esther (Deepam Project)

My name is Esther, I am 36 years old, I am married, and I have one son and one daughter. I born and brought up Christian background.

My husband working as the watchman, but due to his mental problem he cannot work more than 3 months or 5 months in one place. Right now he cannot able to go and work.

By Gods grace, I am trying to send my kids every day to a government school.

Story of Esther:

When I was single, I don’t have a father and mother, even my marriage was done by myself. It was a really hard time, but by faith not asking many questions to God, I accepted my life and I do have a faith one day my life will change, during this transit time of my life, every night I sleep with tears and pain. As my children growing, as a mother I am not able to provide their very basic needs, even I am not able to provide 3-time meals, and my husband, he brings very less money, which I use for his medications, and the house always will be leakage when the rain comes, and when the sun comes it hits directly.

As a woman and low cast background, some people were trying to abuse me physically. But God helped me each and every time. I also move on different and different labor works.

A year ago I come to know there is a project called DEEPAM (light), the first time when I heard I don’t have any ideas, but while I was walking through the street (Deepam place) I saw many women’s, in that group I know most of them, I stopped myself and inquired about what is happening here.

When they started to share about the Deepam project, I got happy. And also the trainer is a mature, elderly women. I felt more comfortable. I was willing to enroll in the training through deepam. While I was talking with the people, I got double happy, they said it is free of cost, which made me happier.

From day one onward I was very interested and excited, every single course I carefully listened and practiced. After finishing the course, now I can be able to be stitching women’s cloth, all types of bags, bible covers.

After finished my courses I got my certificated, and right now I am working with Deepam, as Deepam paying a small amount of honorarium, though it is not much big but I am happy.

I want to be with Deepam and same time One day I want to make a big tailoring shop, where people can come and work and earn sufficiently.

Prayer point:

Kindly pray for me and good health

Pray for my husband and his health

Pray for my children, and their studies and their good health

Pray for one day we will build a house so that we will show how great is our God.

Pray for my family's spiritual growth.

Thanking you.

If you are interested in contributing to this project click here to donate.


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